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K.I.A.C. Global Sell List and FAQ page.
lets you bid for required coins, for collection's at a competitive price. The amount can be virtullay paid for immediate shipment, as an option.

Since 1989, K.I.A.C. Global Numismatics has professionally been involved with Topical Numismatics. This K.I.A.C. Monthly Auction page is a virtual buy or bid listing, Items can be purchased with gold and silver bullion, personal check, or money order. K.I.A.C. Global Numismatics is a member of the American Numismatic Association. Unconditional return policy available.

For information, order intent, payment advise, questions, or feedback comments, Please eMail: World

Electronic Digital Payment Accepted:
To have an order sent immediately, One may purchase items on line with a digital micro payment system through one's own free, and private, international digital currency Pecunix Account. As dealers utilizing Pecunix for global e-commerce we are not affiliated. For Pecunix payment, please Use email PECUNIX is not a bank and the Pecunix Network does not operate as a bank and therefore PECUNIX INCORPORATED, nor the Pecunix System are in any way subject to any form of banking regulations in any jurisdiction. A Gold Money holding account is also available by request and subject To US FED CORP Socialistic Bankster regulations of reporting and Idenfication.

To Purchase GOLD Bullion and Numismatic Coin:
Because of the volatile spot market price of gold, platinum, and palladium, the option to buy this kind of investment is provided via email. This policy will lock in your lowest spot price on any given day for the type and quantity sought. Numismatic gold coins are offered on the K.I.A.C. Global Interactive Auction Site.
All global, Government, precious metal bullion coin programes are offered at K.I.A.C. As well as other non affiliate web sites. One is urged to search the Internet for your lowest purchase price, Then Please provide a request or want list as an e-mail.

Regarding The Global Interactive Auction Site:
The K.I.A.C. Global Auction features recent acquisitions and pictures. To participate: Kindly provide an anonymous alias or nickname, e-mail address, and shipping address to register. This enables the ability to bid on coins, list coins for auction, view closed auction item's, and to be notified of any current auction activity.

The K.I.A.C. Global Numismatic Privacy Policy.
E-mail address are held in strict confidence in accordance to the The K.I.A.C. Privacy Policy. This site does not track visitors on this Web site. Our site automatically captures limited information about visits to our site. We use this information only to analyze general traffic patterns (what pages are most/least popular) and to perform routine system maintenance.

If you choose to contact, sign up, or register, and provide personally identifiable information about yourself, we will use this information only to respond to your inquiry, and to allow you to use the auction, (If we need to mail you materials, we will disclose your name and mailing address to the United States Post Office (USPS). We will not sell or rent that information to third parties at any time and never have.
View any auction item with out registering, Click HERE to view NOW. There are no hidden fees or website charges to participate on this auction site.

Regarding the Selections on this page, below:
This Page offers foreign coins as an ebay auction list. On this list, via e-mail, one can add to a collection by an outright purchase, or acquisition.

Please indicate selections via eMail. K.I.A.C. accepts coin want lists, appraisals, and can purchase your collection outright or by consignment. If applicable, shipping or postal insurance advise will be eMailed. Some items can be enlarged by clicking on the small image to view the image. To return back to the list after viewing select the back button on your browser.

Return Policy:
We honor a no questions asked, money–back guarantee return policy on purchased items, so Order with confidence. Items listed with out Jpeg file image, are available by request.

The most recent acquisitions are posted on the interactive
K.I.A.C. Global auction page.

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K.I.A.C. Global selection, Purchase with 3 digital gold option's.

With a digital gold account, You may Settle the amount due and have your selections shipped by US mail, now! WE ARE WORKING ON DIGITAL GOLD shopping cart Payment Method's for your selected purchase. At this point one would list desired selections and indicate method of payment in an e-mail to:

K.I.A.C. Global is accepting 3 Different real time micro payments,, Money Refined, AND, Goldmoney, AND Bit Coin. We only utilize Digital Gold Currencies as merchants. Please watch this page for an off shore digital gold shopping cart. Please bookmark this page thank you. water textured line
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