Henry Hudson's Half Moon Silver Proof Medal

For the 102nd Anniversary of The American Numismatic Association in July of 1993, The Dutch Mint in conjunction with the New Netherlands Maritime Museum offered several items for sale.

They were special proof quality tokens, silver medals, and Fleur-De-Coin, quality mint set. Fleur-De-Coin is a Uncirculated or proof MS 60-65 condition. The proof medal is pictured here, and no longer offered for sail, all 20 sold out. The Utrecht Mint Mark consists of two symbols. They are noted above the H in half and above the N in moon. Since 1993 / 12 the Utrecht, Holland Royal Dutch Mint minted The Half Moon Daalder. It remains a specially struck 25 gram or 0.80377 sterling silver gem like medallion in "fleur de coin" condition, encased in a hard plastic coin holder. It is about the same size and thickness as the U.S. Eisenhower Dollar, while being 10% heavier. The design of the coin is a superb symbol of over 200 years of Dutch-American friendship and was crafted by Mintmaster van Draanen's top numismatic designers. It also comes in a dark blue display holder that features the Utrecht mint mark in gold on white

Henry Hudson and the Half Moon / click to Supersize
Henry Hudson Ship Medal / click to Supersize

The FDC or mint set contains 6 regular circulating denominations, 5 cents to 5 Guilders, enclosed in a historic photo wallet depicting Three famous ships; The Amsterdam, The Batavia, and The Half Moon.

Fleur-De-Coin quality mint set / click to Supersize

The Half Moon was the ship of Henry Hudson for which the Hudson River is named in New York State, USA. Employed by the Dutch East India Company, this English Explorer did just that along the Atlantic coastline from NY to Baltimore, MD during a 1609 expedition to find a northwest passage to Asia.

Half Moon on the North River / click to Super size

Construction of an 85ft. replica of The Half Moon ship began in 1989 on The Hudson River at Albany, NY. The original design was employed which called for wood that was oak, pine, and fir. A Dutch Ducat was placed under each of the ship's 3 masts for good luck The tallest mast rises 78 feet above water. The Half Moon is normally docked the Half Moon has been moored here at Peckham Materials in Athens, NY. Peckham Industries has long since been a valued corporate friend of the New Netherland Museum, often donating docking space during visits to Athens Channel, Athens, NY, and is open to the public as a Maritime Museum. For the ANA Convention the ship sailed to Baltimore and docked there to attract people to Numismatics. In the past this floating museum has docked at Liberty State Park in New Jersey.

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